8 Tips for Stronger Healthier Nails

  1. Tiffany Hammond says:

    Great tips! I haven’t observe the excess drying if the nail plate from resin dip services, however Dip can be applied using gel base and top coat. I will keep a watch on dip with resin. Also the nails should not be soaked in water before dip application.

  2. Angel J. says:

    What a GREAT article! This was extremely informative. As spa owner, this was a nice reminder of 8 simple, yet precise tips to continue to remind my clients that having healthy nails goes beyond the aesthetics. Healthy nails is what we strive for everyday with our clients! Excellent read! Thank you for these gems!!!

  3. Adrian jones says:

    Awesome awesome advice. Definitely some things to think about! Especially your nails, being an indicator of your overall health… Who knew!

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