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Meet the global manicurist


Titilayo Bankole is a global manicurist  that embodies confidence, has a heart of service and is guided by spiritual innovations. She encompasses a vision for diversity on all levels. The Global Manicurist is a leader but yet remains a student. Her creativity allowed her to develop "Nail It Forward" which is a Master Series offering professional development course for nail professionals.  

As a nail technician I've made several course corrections throughout my profession. I've studied and taken classes from some of the  industry's leading Nail professionals. These professionals imparted great knowledge unto me and left me with the notion that "Everything I needed was already inside of me".  My mission is to reinvent myself daily and stay motivated.

My goal is to continually educate nail professionals through courses and seminars leading them to their own inner creativity. More importantly, I will continue to inspire and enlighten my clients to wellness through the use of products and the art of touch


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The Global Manicurist