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whatever you put in your body will show through your skin. Whatever you put on your skin will affect you tomorrow.

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Titilayo started working in her mother’s salon at only 19 years old. Coming from a Nigerian family and being a first-generation American, Titilayo knew that she was going to have to earn her own money. She grew up seeing servanthood at the core of her family dynamics. Her father’s mom owned a bar and her mother’s mom was a princess who served the community by cooking for them.

Titilayo's parents have their Masters and their dream for her was to be a doctor, lawyer, or architect. However, as time progressed, she found herself viewing her career as more of a want than a need. Not only was she helping clients, but she was helping herself by connecting with others and helping them develop healthier habits. In turn, the entire trajectory of their hand & feet health changes. This is when Titilayo realized her passion for wellness. 

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my philosophy

The name “Titilayo” translates to “God’s everlasting joy.”

Titilayo’s life is characterized by her continuous pursuit of joy.

She also spreads this joy as a trainer and educator for other nail professionals. Through her teachings and seminars, Titilayo introduces others to new perspectives and knowledge that they can implement immediately. In fact, they can expect to see their ROI within just 30 days!

All the while, she is joy. She transmits her joy for wellness through her services. Her clients get results because she lives, eats, and breathes joy.

Titilayo is passionate
about teaching other nail professionals her
effortless retail” approach. 

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Learning how to implement this approach helps the professional’s clients understand why their hands and feet are in their current condition. In turn, they gain a newfound appreciation for the value of personalized solutions like the ones that are offered at The Global Manicurist.

My Philosophy

I believe that manicures & pedicures shouldn’t be one-and-done procedures.

Because of this, we offer waterless services that involve the use of heated towels and high-quality urea-based conditioning products. This way, your skin will be left feeling nourished and hydrated instead of dried out from soaking in a water bowl.

While your nail art will fade, your skin will stay. That’s why, here at The Global Manicurist, we push for healthier habits that you can start today!


The beauty is in the wellness of your skin. Think about it: whatever you put in your body will show through your skin. Whatever you put on your skin will affect you tomorrow.

Think of our services like you’re getting a facial for your hands & feet. If we don’t protect them, they’ll age rapidly.

We’re also here to help you prevent problems like psoriasis and eczema by implementing simple habits that will make you feel better and more confident for a lifetime to come.

You can get more out of your pedicures & manicures with our unique, wellness-based services. We only use hospital-grade products and equipment to ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of each service for much, much longer than just your day of the appointment.

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