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- Jakea Copeland

It was the most professional and thorough course I have taken in a long time. The efforts, skills, and knowledge shared was extraordinary. I have been able to use what was taught in expanding my business and giving my current clients a better experience. Thank you Global Manicurist.

"I have been taught The Toenail Recovery Methodology by The Global Manicurist. "

Each time, I leave my appointment, I'm more educated about nail care (feet and hands).The products used and sold are amazing and you will see results, if you do your part. Oh and did I mention the salon is beautiful, comfortable and has great music!!

- Alexandria Washington

"From my first visit and each visit thereafter, it's always an amazing experience! "

Titilayo is very passionate and really knows her stuff. The class was very detailed and straight to the point. With Titilayo’s instruction I was able to perform a waterless pedicure effortlessly on the first try . You will leave this class with all of the skills to start your own business. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to invest in such an amazing class with such and amazing instructor.

"I recently took the Toenail Recovery class, and it has totally changed my view of what a healthy and sanitary pedicure should look like."

- Latosha Love

- Nawal Abdul 

The amount of acknowledge that I received is priceless. Titi covered toes, skin, retail, business and so much more. Just a wealth of information. I would recommend this class to any nail professional looking to step up their game in the Foot Care industry.

I took The toenail recovery class and let me say it was the best thing I could've done for my career."



- Torah B 

I was having some issues with my feet! I called up TiTi and received advice and products that not only catered to my needs but also a full explanation and written tutorial on how to apply everything. Weeks later I was back to well moisturized, soft feet with healthy nails to top it off. Great nail and foot technician! Honest! Talented! & Knowledgeable! These are the amazing products that bought my feet back! Famous Names Dadi Oil LCN 10% Urea Foot Cream LCN 10% Urea Foot Mask LCN “Urea Foot Balm.


Titilayo is beyond an expert in her craft! I'm a forever customer and she comes highly recommended to those seeking an experience that reaches far beyond your minimum expectations! 

- Warren Ottey


Her service and knowledge of best practices and products to use on your feet and nails. It's fantastic and above board!!

"Titi is the GOAT"

- Trina Symonette 

- Nicole Shifflet 

It’s much more than a manicure and pedicure. It’s a lifestyle. It’s important to keep your feet clean, healthy and moisturized. The foot massage also helps your feet by improving the blood circulation. Titi is a skilled professional. She is trained in understanding the abnormalities, if any, are present with your feet. Early detection means less pain and easy treatment. I’ve learned all this from Titilayo.

"Every time I visit the salon, it is an educational experience. You pay for what you get."



- James Big Butch Goodwin 

Titilayo has a wealth of information and is passionate about sharing her knowledge. If you are looking to expand your knowledge pertaining to cosmetic foot care I would definitely recommend the ToeNail Recovery class, you won’t regret it.

"I took the Toenail Recovery certification class and learned solutions that I can provide to my clients as a Pedicurist."

Unfortunately I don’t take care of them like I should so they needed a lot of work! I mean a lot of work!! My first time using Global was 6 years ago and I couldn’t believe how great they looked. That was my first pedicure but I didn’t go back until this year (2021). As a man, I didn’t believe men should get pedicures… I was wrong. My last visit was July 2021 and once again, she did an amazing job. The facility is always clean, she explains what she is doing and why and she also suggests products to keep my toenails healthy. From now on, I’m going every two months. 

- carnita

"I run an outdoor adventure company and I do a lot of hiking and camping so my feet are very important to me. "

I love her passion, methodology, and generosity in sharing techniques and tools for great results. It is refreshing to learn from an independent educator who wants to share what they've found effective rather than promoting a specific line for money. I'm excited to implement what I learned! Thank you, Titilayo! 

"I took the Toenail Recovery class via zoom one on one with Titilayo. "


I call her Dr. as she knows her craft well and she is able to advise as to what is needed and how to use the products recommended for the best outcome. I have no quorums with trusting her with my precious body parts. Go TT u are the best! Thanks. 

- Lettie Matthews

"When I go for service with TT I am overwhelmed by the patience and care she gives to my feet and nails."



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