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The global manicurist is one that embodies confidence, has a heart of service, is guided by spiritual innovations, encompasses a vision for diversity on multicultural levels.  The Global Manicurist is open to lead, yet remains a student, creator of "Nail It Forward" Master Series.  Her wisdom is beyond what is seen.  Without further adieu, meet Titilayo Bankole "The Global Manicurist."

My mission has been to reinvent myself daily. As a human being, I've been afforded the ability to change directions in my chosen career, by  taking classes from industry peers that seem to fit the bill on one side and not the other. So I decided to challenge myself and share how I believe an industry thats been built from many diverse cultures can effect change, one willing professional at a time by way of example.

I've got nothing to lose and a whole lot of relationships to gain by sharing what I've personally learned from working without a license, going to nail school, raising a charismatic child while working, working on commission, assisting in salons,  getting fired from a salon (yes I got fired), deciding to repackage myself as a nail professional, balancing work and personal life, studying to be an educator, how to handle criticism (from peers, family, clients & friends), recover from two mild strokes (8 days apart), so much more and then finally just choosing ME over all of it.

Yes you read correctly; I got a lot to give and I'm about to shake your comfort zone. Don't worry, it's going to be fun learning from me.   


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The Global Manicurist